Fire Wall and VPN Service in ABU DHABI,UAE

What is a firewall?

Firewall is a network security system used to control and manage all the incoming and outgoing request from our device. We can set certain rules in our firewall, which protects our system from hackers and other malicious websites. We can also block incoming and outgoing request from certain websites.

You can use it to block entertainment websites like neflix, amazon prime, youtube etc.. in your workplace.

 What is a VPN?

Full from of vpn is ” Virtual Private network”. We all have a habit of using public wifi, especially when we are at park, coffee shop, metro stations etc.. Many are doing financial transactions using a public wifi. Do you know that , a person connected to the same network can easily grab your personal data. A vpn will encrypt your data and hide your Ip address, which allows you to freely use public hotspots without any tension.

Is VPN Legal in UAE ?

A vpn is completely legal in UAE if your use it for a legitimate purpose. You can use it for your genuine needs. You can find more details about the usage of vpn in UAE by clicking here.

Installing a Firewall or VPN in your Device

Are you looking for a firewall or vpn installation service in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Then our experts will help you. We will customize vpn and firewall according to your needs. We also provide annual maintenance service.

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